Who We Are?

'Top Floor' rubber mats are manufactured by the Narendran Group of Companies, a family business established in 1981 having interests in manufacturing, plantations, tourism and Information Technology. The rubber division consists of three independent factories based in Kollam District, Kerala, India manufacturing mats in various sizes and designs.

All mats are made to high quality specifications and cater to the home, garden, institutional and industrial segments. Our mats are sold worldwide, in over fifteen countries. In the Indian market we sell our mats in the 'Top Floor' brand name.

Product innovation and improvement is a continuous and ongoing process at Narendran Group.

Putting our heads where you put your feet is a way of life with us.

Our range of mats are made largely from natural and recycled rubbers.

Both are eco friendly products and the mats after their useful life can be fully recycled.

Top Floor mats are very durable, all weather resistant and can be used in a variety of applications both indoors and outdoors.